Combination Vacuum and Hydrovac Services

Responsible waste management is a key function of the Oil and Gas Industry. Combination vacuum trucks are an essential tool in successful waste management. Transporting waste from site to disposal facilities requires careful handling and a significant knowledge of the potential dangers that are inherent in the handling of dangerous goods.

Combination vacuum truck operators are exposed to many different products and work environments on a daily basis. It requires training and experience to ensure that proper assessments of each job are conducted and associated hazards are identified and mitigated.

High pressure wash/steam units installed on the vac units add utility and create solutions for a wide variety of maintenance challenges, from clearing hydrated product lines with high pressure crawler tips to cleaning compressor building and product spills. Whether operating in critcal enviroments or for simple clean-up tasks, we have the vacuum trucks to the create solutions our clients require.

Hydrovac trucks are available for non-mechanical ground disturbance requirements. Our operators are experienced and have the skills needed to operate safely in critical work environments.

The equipment and personnel put in the field by Capital Pressure perform the following tasks for our clients on a regular basis.

  • Tank and Vessel Cleaning (individually or as part of complete Project Management)
  • Product Spill Clean-up (well-head wash, site clean-up, etc.)
  • Frac Project waste management